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FOUNDATION DRAWING 1 – ON DEMAND was created from our studio course of the same name by artist and TAR founder Erika Gofton.  Watch the following video as Erika introduces you to FD1, a self led comprehensive online course suitable for complete beginners and artists returning to their drawing practice.

Erika is a self declared drawing nerd!  She loves drawing, teaching drawing, looking at drawings and discovering new ways of drawing.  Erika has created this course for you to not only learn to draw with confidence but fall in love with drawing too.

Drawing encourages us to be more sensitive and curious about the world around us.  It asks us to take the time to observe and connect. It develops our creative thinking and problem solving and encourages us to express ourselves.

Foundation Drawing 1 – On Demand is a combination of practical exercises with demonstrations, lectures and explorations into materials.  The course contains 27 Modules with almost 8 hours of content (see list of Modules below).  We recommend starting at Module 1 and working your way through to Module 27, however the course is open for you to navigate as you wish.

Most exercises require general materials like drawing paper, pencils and erasers, and throughout the course Erika will go into more detail about many other materials you can use to further explore and develop your drawings.

The Art Room, Foundation Drawing, Image For Module 27
The Art Room, Foundation Drawing, Image For Module 27
The Art Room, Foundation Drawing, Image For Module 27
The Art Room, Foundation Drawing, Module 13 Practice Image

1. What is Drawing
2. Line Lecture
3. Draw What You See, Not What You Kow
4. Setting Up to Draw
5. Measuring
6. Embracing the Search
7. Line and Relationship
8. Considering Space
9. Seeing Space
10. Perspective
11. Understanding Cylinders
12. Getting an Angle on Perspective
13. Building on Perspective
14. Capturing the Essence
15. Shape, Form and Contour – Part 1
16. Seeing Value in Value
17. Understanding Light
18. Pencils
19. Sharpening Your Pencils
20. Drawing Light
21. Shape, Form and Contour – Part 2
22. Exploring Drawing Materials – Part 1
23. Exploring Drawing Materials – Part 2
24. Discovering Paper – Part 1
25. Discovering Paper – Part 2
26. The Sum of Parts – Part 1
27. The Sum of Parts – Part 2

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