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Blending Bootcamp

Learn how to transform your oil paintings with confidence

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What you will learn

Blending is the manipulation of paint into gradient transitions to create the illusion of texture, volume and space. It is a topic that students ask artist and teacher Jennifer Whitten about frequently, and this course has been designed to answer those questions.

Upon completion of the course, you will:
• Gain a greater understanding of blending, a skill essential to successful oil painting
• Develop confidence in handling materials and applying advanced techniques
• Progress through sequential exercises designed to reinforce your newfound skills

Course Description

Our comprehensive online course not only enhances your skills but also provides a greater understanding of oil painting techniques, elevating your work to new levels of sophistication and offering expanded options so you can transform your paintings with confidence.

Blending Bootcamp is suitable for both beginners and experienced painters.
Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to refine your technique, this course provides a supportive environment for artists at all levels.

Course Structure

Establish a solid understanding of the basics

Intermediate Techniques:
Dive deeper into blending methods and applications

Advanced Practices:
Explore complex techniques and elevate your skills


– Easy to Follow and Logical: The course is structured in a way that is easy to follow, providing a logical progression from foundational concepts to advanced techniques
– Balance: Experience a perfect balance between theoretical insights and practical exercises, ensuring an engaging and enlightening learning experience
– Testimonial Proven: As one participant shared, “It was extremely comprehensive, engaging, and enlightening.

Join us on this artistic expedition, where confidence in blending transforms your oil painting endeavours. With Jen as your guide, each module unfolds seamlessly, ensuring you feel supported, engaged, and inspired. Experience the joy of progress and the satisfaction of mastering a crucial skill in the art of painting.


Blending 3

A very thorough and detailed explanation on blending with oils.

Blending 2

I strongly recommend this course as it is well structured to take you from a newbie to a confident painter, covering materials needed, best practices and techniques. The bite-sized exercises are well explained in video and document format. I love as well the optional music playlist that goes with the exercises. Overall this course is great value for money to improve your blending skills.

Blending 1

Blending Bootcamp offered by The Art Room with Jen as the facilitator was an extremely enjoyable, engaging, educational and valuable experience. It was definitely a worthwhile course which I’m so glad I undertook . I’d highly recommend it for anyone – from beginner to intermediate – it provides a very broad and comprehensive guide to blending oil based paints. Love loved it

Your Teacher

Meet Jennifer Whitten, an experienced professional artist with a career spanning over 20 years.

Jennifer is a passionate teacher who brings her wealth of experience to the classroom, having successfully taught everyone from beginners to experienced painters for more than a decade. Her deep understanding of the needs of students working with paint is reflected in the carefully designed course targeting blending as a common difficulty for artists.

With proven results from in-studio classes, Jennifer is a well-loved teacher, cherished for her exceptional ability to demystify complex concepts, teach theory, and provide engaging learning activities that reinforce practical application. One student testimonial highlights her experience, noting, “You are a brilliant teacher (as well as an artist!), with a special ability to break down concepts.” Another student praises her class as “bloody awesome,” underscoring Jennifer’s transformative impact on their love for painting.

Join Jennifer Whitten for an enriching artistic journey where expertise meets a passion for teaching.

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$249.00 for 365 days access

Join the Blending Bootcamp and learn how to transform your paintings with confidence! You receive:

– Ten modules: Covering everything from foundational principles to advanced blending techniques
– PDF Class Resources: Comprehensive resources to support your learning journey
– Demonstration Videos: Engaging videos with step-by-step exercises, providing a visual guide to each concept
– Online Forum: Stay motivated with a community of fellow artists. Share progress, get feedback, and be inspired by others
– Monthly Live Q&A Sessions: Access direct support from Jen, ensuring you have the guidance needed to excel in your artistic journey
– 365 days access


Complete beginners to experienced.

Your course is valid for 12 months from date of purchase.

There’s a detailed materials list in the course information recommending the paints, brushes, palette knife and general materials to use.

In the course information you’ll find a link to join the private forum called Slack. Here you can share your works in progress, meet your fellow painters, plus leave questions for Jen which she answers in the monthly Q&A.

We stand behind the quality and effectiveness of our course. We are confident that our program, meticulously researched and designed, is suitable for individuals ranging from complete beginners to experienced artists.If you’re not satisfied within the first 30 days, we offer a hassle-free refund.

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